"Professional Amibroker AFL & meta trader MQL programming services in Chennai/ India"

AFL Coding services For AmiBroker & MT4

Professional Amibroker AFL & meta trader MQL programming services in Chennai/ India

AmiBroker is one the popular technical software used by more than 7,00,000 users across the country, we know that Amibroker ( AFL to DLL) is one of the best tools to create custom trading strategies, Signal Generation( real time Data for nse & Mcx) , Performing Technical analysis and even test/validate your trading models. We use AFL Programming extensively to create Complex Custom Indicators, Trading Strategies, Trading Dashboard, Buy & Sell Signal (buying /selling Strategies) Models. If you want to transform your trading thoughts into Amibroker AFL writing our service is one step better than others.

AmiBroker Afl Protection with License manager

Convert Afl To Dll – Manage your precious Concepts : Amibroker Afl to Dll Convertion in Chennai /india, manage and hide your precious trading secrets by using our conversion methodolgy Additionally , we provide license manager to resell the concept without sharing any of your base informations.

Requirements - What we need to Develop Amibroker Afl

We need full, complete and detailed specifications of your indicator, scan, exploration and/or trading system requirements. These details must be complete and comprehensive to avoid wasted time in understanding the details of your system. Hence every single element of trading logic must be specified in the e-mail.

In the e-mail , Kindly let us know how you intend to use the code. Understanding your work flow will help us understand your requirements more comfortably and We can specifically tailor made your development!

We can code your requirements in AFL , which is generally quicker, cheaper and when well written perfectly appropriate for the vast majority of requirements (more than 75% of traders code is AFL). Alternatively I can code them as an AmiBroker compatible DLL in C++ or C#/.NET as appropriate. DLL's can be used to obscure trading logic and often execute faster, although this benefit is generally only discernible with very CPU intensive code. Where complex trading systems require a lot of debugging, the use of C#/.NET language for a DLL may be more appropriate - however this relies on a third party plugins.

As an example of the kind of details I need from you, please consider the following,

What time frame/s do you intend to use the code in and on what markets/assets?


What are you trying to achieve? Do you have reference to the algorithm behind the indicator?


What custom columns (if any) do you need displayed in the report?


Which parameters are you seeking to optimize? What is range of values over which you want to optimize? What are the default values you'd like to use?


How do you intend to use them? What time frame? How often? What time of day? Do you need an indicator, scan, exploration, a trading system for backtesting/optimization or real time automated trading? What version of AmiBroker are you using? 32 or 64 bit?

Trading Systems

Full definition of trading logic is required for both entry and exit of positions. This means I have to fully understand your trade management and risk management strategies. Is this a single security trading system or will it operate at a portfolio level? If portfolio, what is your position and risk management logic at a portfolio level?


The price quoted covers understanding of your requirements, designing a solution, coding, testing & verification and support over e-mail/ phone regarding usage

We will also give you an estimate for how long the code will take time to deliver. This will depend on the size of the task and our current schedule, but we can usually deliver in 1-3 weeks. AFL delivery times are usually quicker than C++ or C#/.NET DLL's.

Once you have agreed on the quotation, we require a deposit of 50% of the amount to begin coding.

Once we have completed the code we will inform you via e-mail and require payment of the outstanding balance. After which we will e-mail you the code. If needed we can arrange for an on-line demonstration of the code.

During the course of coding your requirements we may seek additional information from you to clarify any uncertainties about your specifications.

Kindly note, if required we will supply all the code necessary for you to carry out extensive backtesting and optimization of your system. However, we will not actually carry out the process of backtesting & optimization ourself.

All payments are taken via Bank Transfer/ Cash Deposit/ DD.

Must Read our Terms & Conditions

Service Terms & Conditions

We will deliver the code to the best of our abilities from the specification you provide. If I we unable, for whatever reason, to complete and deliver your code any deposits paid by you will be promptly refunded in full. We guarantee that any details you pass onto us regarding your trading systems, indicators, explorations and/or scans will be kept in the strict confidence and will not be used by myself or any other third party. We are in the business of coding, and running my own working trading systems.

Code is provided from your specifications. We are happy to rectify, free of charge, any issues you may have that are due to errors in the code I write, but not due to errors in your specification. Any alterations and additions to the code may attract further additional charges to cover the cost of time. However, generally we are happy to make minor alterations to your code free of charge. bear no responsibility for any trading losses, or indeed any other losses, incurred by you during the course of using the code we have provided.